One Sided Led Box

The easy-to-open and foldable frame allows a quick change of your image..  
For indoor use.              
3mm high opaque acrylic glass. Anti-reflective PET protection prevents glare and deterioration from the poster.
Box width is 18mm.              
Through illumination, photos and posters can be displayed elegantly.    
The equipment for wall mounting is for horizontal and vertical use.    
All materials are CE certified.            
The external transformer is outside of the product.        
The LEDs and transformer wich are used in this product are in accordance with International Standarts.
12 volt power consumption.            
For english / american plug request, please ask by ordering.      
Brightness of the lightning is between 1700-2500 LUX.      
Is available in standard sizes and can also be made according to special sizes.  
Different frame colors available. On request, your own color samples can also be produced.
2 years guarantee.              
Made in Turkey.